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Security Training


Secure Net Alliance understands it takes more than just hiring good people to ensure excellent service. That is why we have developed a world class system of training and pay incentives to support the highest level of professionalism and skills possible.

World Class Training equals incorporating four training phases unique to the private security industry for our employees at no cost to them:

  1. Implementing a Professional Development Program that includes pay raises for officers who complete each phase.

  2. Integrating personal coaching, periodic evaluations, emergency response simulations, and mentoring.

  3. Offer unique courses customized for Secure Net Alliance by communications and education experts that promote personal development and self-motivation. Our courses support a higher level of understanding human behavior and provide the tools and practical experience needed to master communications and human relations methods.

  4. Recognition: In addition to wage increases, officers completing each level will be authorized to wear a Professional Development Ribbon on their uniform/coat. Only the highest color ribbon achieved, Silver-Level I, Blue- Level II, and Gold- Level III, is to be worn.

Level I SNA Basic Skill Training Course

  • Report/DAR writing 4 hrs None

  • The 5 W’s (when, where, what, who and how).

  • Handcuffing and Detention 4 hrs 

  • Secure Net Certified Course 4 hrs 

  • Communications, professionalism, client relations

  • Sexual/Gender Harassment 2 hrs 

Level II SNA Intermediate Skill Training Course 

  • Needs Based Communications 4 hrs 

  • Listening/framing messages

  • Basic Life Support Certification 4 hrs 

  • First Aid, CPR Review, AED

  • Fire Extinguishers/Fire Prevention 2 hrs 

  • Recognition and usage

  • Basic Self-Defense Concepts 2 hrs 

Level III SNA Leadership Preparation (as Selected by Operations)

  • Intro to scheduling/resource allocation 4 hrs 

  • Getting cooperation from subordinates 2 hrs 

  • Getting support from clients/guests 2 hrs 

  • Field Training to work as a roving supervisor 8 hrs 

Level IV SNA Advanced Skill Training for Supervisors/Rovers

  • Raise is offered upon completion of Level IV

  • Preserving evidence/taking witness statements 4 hrs 

  • OSHA and safety inspections 4 hrs 

  • OSHA Field Training 4 hrs 

  • Investigations/profiling 4 hrs 

Classes are available for clients and their staff, and the general public.

  • Powers To Arrest- (for a state security permit) 

  • BLS(Basic Life Support) Certification (4-6 hrs)

  • Introduction to Self-Defense (2 hrs)

  • The Secure Net Certified Program  (4 hrs)

  • Handcuffing and Detention ( hrs)

  • Public Relations (4 hrs)

  • Observations and Documentation (4 hrs)

  • Communications & Its Significance (4 hrs)

  • Liability and Legal Aspects (4 hrs)

  • Officer Survival (4 hrs)

  • Handling Difficult People (4 hrs)

  • Work Place Violence (4 hrs)

  • Crowd Control (4 hrs)

  • Chemical Agents (4 hrs)

  • Laws Codes, and Ordinances (4 hrs)