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Save 3-7% On Your

General Liability Insurance

Book An On-Site Risk Assessment Survey With Secure Net Alliance And We’ll Help You Lower Your Rate… Guaranteed 

(Or Your Money Back!)

But Don’t Wait! First 10 Spots Booked By The End Of February Will Get Our Assessment For Only $135 (Normally $775)…

Dear Reader,

Whether you manage a high-end residential complex, office building, retail site, private estate, gated commercial or industrial property, there’s a good chance you’re putting yourself at-risk of getting sued because…


It only takes one overlooked detail to cripple your business.

It could be anything from:

A sex offender you hired who stalks or harasses someone at work
A clerk or administrator who steals by internal theft / embezzlement
Wrongful termination / harassment claims made by a former employee
Squatters who break into your property which takes months to evict them
Unlicensed / Illegal vendors (i.e. security who are paid under the table and don’t have insurance)

(…not to mention the lost clients or employees who find out about the issue… lost credibility in the marketplace with the general public… or the worst insult to injury: legal fees you incur just to fight the case!)

In order to prevent these threats from plaguing you, we want to help… which is why we’re offering our On-Site Risk Assessment Survey for only $135 (normally $775) when you book before the end of February.

But don’t wait… we can only service 10 requests at this price!

Book Our $775 On-Site Risk Assessment Survey For Only $135While Appointments Are Still Available—And Save 3-7% On Your General Liability Insurance… Guaranteed 

(Or Your Money Back!)

How We’ll Conduct Your

On-Site Risk Assessment Survey


This confidential report is designed to empower you with a plan to protect your assets by highlighting where you may be vulnerable to unseen threats and what can be done about them.

To give you peace of mind, we’ll start off by signing an NDA to ensure we keep our findings private between you and our company. We’ll then conduct a 30-point audit, ask you and your team some basic questions, draft a written report with recommendations, and leave it with you to decide on what you’d like to do next.


What’s In Our On-Site Risk Assessment Survey:

A Confidential Security & Safety Audit Of:

  1. Parking Security

  2. Site Access

  3. Site Monitoring

  4. Security Services (If They Apply)

  5. Security Contractor

  6. Host Company Policies

  7. Risk-Threat Overview of Surrounding Neighborhood

  8. Findings & Recommendations

Once we conduct our assessment, with your permission, we can present this 3rd-party report to your current insurance provider and negotiate on your behalf for a lower rate, which on average comes out to


NOTE: Since 2007 we’ve never failed to get a discount for a client when asked—that’s 16 years of dependable results! Some clients have seen $500… $1,000… $2,000… $4,000 or even more shaved off of their yearly policies!

A Testimonial From

One Of Our Happy Clients


Please be aware that sometimes a provider initially offers below the target 3-7% in savings but will adjust if/when certain criteria are met with a resubmitted 3rd-party document. In these cases we would work with you and the carrier to achieve a greater amount.

Examples of required adjustments to increase savings might include:

  • Add another shift in security

  • Install surveillance cameras

  • Facilitate pre-OSHA inspection

  • Properly pre-screen candidates

  • Conduct periodic employee training

  • Contract with a licensed and compliant security agency

Since 2007, Secure Net Alliance has been supporting clients with professional private security services, plainclothes talent/executive protection, and a uniformed presence in Los Angeles and Orange Counties. We’re led by a former Army officer with over 40 years of security work experience, and managed day-to-day by retired law enforcement and a seasoned security operations team. We specialize in protecting high-end residential, high-end retail, high-rise offices, gated sites and much more. We have 24-hour dispatch and do our best to minimize risk and enhance a safe environment. We love this work.

SNA Emblem.png

Who We Are

High-End Residential
Event Security
Pre-OSHA Surveys
High-End Retail
Red Carpet Events
Office Buildings
Talent Security
Risk Management
Estate Protection
Executive Security
Security Training

🔎  SNA Management and its security personnel stay up-to-date on the latest Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for:

  • Workforce Violence Prevention

  • Handling Difficult People

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Public Relations - Community, Clients, and Customers

  • Preserving the Incident Scene

  • Communications and its Significance

Secure Net Alliance, Ca. P.P.O #121090

Net Check Investigations, Lic #21529

Risk Management & Pre-OSHA

Our expertise includes offering pre-OSHA and risk reduction inspections that may lower your liability insurance premiums and create a safer environment for all.


Special Events

We specialize in executive/talent protection, providing security and safety at high profile events (award shows, global conferences, movie premieres, entertainment gala’s) anti-piracy and content protection.

Residential & Commercial

We are proud of the services we provide at our permanent sites to include high-end residential complexes, office buildings, retail sites, and commercial properties.

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Book An On-Site Risk Assessment Survey With Secure Net Alliance To

Save Between 3-7% On Your General

Liability Insurance… Guaranteed 

(Or Your Money Back!)

First 10 Spots Receive Our $775 Assessment For Only $135

When Booked By The End Of February! Don’t Wait. Act Now…

Still on the fence?

Us humans are strange when it comes to our valuation of money relative to time. We tighten up and try to save a few pennies when we’re under stress, but much more skeptical in saving dollars —if not hundreds, thousands, or even millions—when there’s little to worry about in the present.

Although we have the ability to think and plan ahead, it’s difficult to anticipate and prepare for the worst because it can be mentally exhausting and flat-out scary to think about the future, which is why we leave things off for later and often never get around to addressing them.

Don’t let this be you.


We want to help you, and if you take action now, you’ll thank yourself later when you inevitably face your next bump in the road and realize you protected yourself from avoidable headaches. We want to give you the tools to take preventative measures so your physical property is bulletproof from outside threats. Just remember…

You Could Be Incurring Debt From Future Lawsuits That Just Haven’t Been

Waged On You… Yet!

Wouldn’t it be nice to have your property fully protected with the added benefit of saving money on your general liability insurance?

Just Imagine: you could be the HERO for your company, your employees, the accounting department, your patrons…


And if you book before the end of February, you could receive our On-Site Risk Assessment Survey for only $135 (normally $775)…

But there are only 10 spots available at this price, so don’t wait!

Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee

If after you’ve completed all the required steps for refund eligibility and we aren’t able to save you money on your current general liability insurance plan, we’ll give you your money back—no questions asked. Our highest priority is ensuring you’re empowered with the information needed to take preventative action for your property.

NOTE: In the case where a provider is unwilling to lower their premium, we’d be happy to negotiate on your behalf with other companies to land a better rate.


Fill Out The Form Below To Book An On-Site Risk Assessment Survey And We’ll Help You Lower Your General Liability Insurance By 3-7%… Guaranteed 

(Or Your Money Back!)

And Don't Forget: First 10 Spots Receive Our $775 Assessment For Only $135 When Booked By The End Of February!

Ready To Save The Day? Book Your Appointment Below To Get Started:


How long does it take to conduct your On-Site Risk Assessment Survey?

Approximately 30-60 minutes on-site, then another 2-3 days to produce the full report—which includes our recommendations—and send it over to you.


I’ve never handed over insurance negotiations to a third party, how does that work?

It's quite simple, actually. Once you've given us the name of your insurance provider with written permission to contact them on your behalf, we'll engage and submit our report. We'll then send you a letter notifying you of the new policy rate.

In the case where the company requires more improvements to hit your target savings, we'll follow up with you to discuss next steps.

Do you sell my information to anyone?


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