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SNA Is A Security Company

You Can *RELY* On

Because We ALWAYS  Thoroughly Screen Our Officers For:

🔎 Criminal Record
Indexed county by county (cases not found in national indexes)
Half do not check

🔎 Security License
Valid BSIS Guard Card issued in California
Half do not check
🔎 Civil Misconduct
Indexed county by county (domestic violence, elder/child abuse, restraining order, stalking)
Half do not check
🔎 Sex Offender
Registered in each state separately as they apply
Rarely, if ever
🔎 FBI Terrorist Watch
Persons flagged by the FBI / Federal agencies
Rarely, if ever
🔎 Active Warrants
Indexed county by county
Rarely, if ever
🔎 Pending Cases
Indexed county by county
Rarely, if ever
🔎 Federal Criminal Record
All federal districts (89 in total)
Rarely, if ever
🔎 Office of the Inspector General
Indexed on prescription drugs, welfare, and other fraud
Rarely, if ever
🔎 Global Homeland Security
Rarely, if ever
🔎 SSN Verification
Users of the same SSN
Rarely, if ever
🔎 Driving Record
As needed when applicant has driver's license
Rarely, if ever
🔎 Patriot Act Terrorist Watch
Different from FBI Watchlist
Rarely, if ever

🔎 Personality Assessment
Someone's nature and style of thinking: service / criminal-oriented
Rarely, if ever

All Background Checks Powered By:

Net Check Investigations, Lic #21529


Please Note: we are not aware of any other security company that can offer this level of comprehensive search. Furthermore, our background checks are performed the same day as employee orientation because it is currently illegal to conduct one prior to hiring a security officer.

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