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Since 2007, Secure Net Alliance supports our clients with professional private security services, plainclothes talent/executive protection, and a uniformed presence in Los Angeles and Orange counties. Our competent staff is led by a former Army officer and managed day-to-day by retired law enforcement staff and a seasoned security operations team.

About 40% of licensed security officers in California fail to meet basic background check standards. All SNA personnel pass strict qualifications and background check standards and demonstrate an appropriate service mindset - we start with the right people. Each member of our security team is constantly supervised, is highly trained, and receives personal professional development support.

We specialize in protecting high-end residential, offices, estates, talent and executive services, and high-end retail sites. We have 24-hour dispatch and do our best to minimize risk and enhance a safe environment. We love this work.

Giving You Confidence

Visibility Geofencing

Even when no one is watching, our technology tools offer independent confirmation our security assignments are being properly conducted.

Stability Experience

Our committed management team is deep with experience in High-End Residential, Hi-Rise, Hospital, Industrial, Commercial, Patrol Services, Gated Sites, and more. 

Accountability Testimonials

Over the years, SNA has many happy clients who enjoy our services.  Read their great reviews on social media platforms and on our official website.

Measurability Reports

Our detailed written reports provide you valuable information. Clear reports help you choose about how to improve and better respond to your needs. 

Everyone on the Secure Net Alliance team understand that addressing and resolving challenges with compassion, empathy and consistent commitment is the best way to address concerns. Our focus on professional development not only includes skill training but also addresses how to move others into a mental space that creates enthusiasm, initiative and loyalty.


SNA personnel must pass strict qualifications and background checks in order to qualify for employment for the purpose of providing you with highly trained officers. Our security officers are certified and registered with the State of California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS). When a new applicant is interested in employment with SNA, the applicant must present a current-issued California security registration card. The California security registration is verified by BSIS.

SNA Management and its security personnel stay informed and up-to-date on the latest:

  • Workforce Violence Prevention

  • Handling Difficult People

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Public Relations - Community, Clients, and Customers

  • Preserving the Incident Scene

  • Communications and its Significance

Secure Net Alliance, Ca. PPO #121090

Net Check Investigations, Lic #21529

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