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Secure Net Alliance offers employees three distinct advantages in their careers as officers:

1. We have a clear pathway for career growth. As you level up your skills, our three-tiered development program promises greater pay on new assignments with more responsibility, We're led by a former Army officer and managed day-to-day by retired law enforcement and a seasoned security operations team. Our depth of knowledge and expertise allows us to groom you for a future in security, whether it's in law enforcement, corrections, security management or another related field​.

2. We have your back and manage with compassion. Our executive team makes it a point to hold space for employees who get rattled by challenging circumstances. We listen with genuine empathy and understanding—extending our resources to build trust and empowering you to re-enter the field with greater character and confidence.

3. We pay well, on-time, and accurately. Our W-2 security officers constantly share their appreciation for the predictability of weekly payments and communication of our HR staff who are all highly organized with payroll, scheduling, assignments, insurance, billing, benefits, state claims, COI, and reporting.

Curious About The Career Pathways Available To Security Officers?

As an employee of Secure Net Alliance...


Your Actions
And Performance
Determine Your Income

Rather than how many years on the job, with SNA

a security professional's income is based upon:

A dedication-to-service mindset

Professional performance over time

Your history of great attendance / timeliness

Taking opportunities for professional development

Knowing and following a career progression plan

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Security Officer Rover P/T Swing & Grave

Downtown Los Angeles CA


Security Officer - F/T Swing & Grave

Downtown Los Angeles CA

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The Career Pathways Available

To Security Officers?

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