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Specialized In Talent Protection, Security At High-Profile Events, Residential Security, And More.

Risk Management & OSHA

Our expertise includes offering pre-OSHA and risk reduction inspections that may lower your liability insurance premiums and create a safer environment for all.


Residential & Commercial 

We are proud of the services we provide at our permanent sites to include high-end residential complexes, office buildings, retail sites, and commercial properties.


Special Events

We specialize in executive/talent protection, providing security and safety at high profile events (award shows, global conferences, movie premieres, entertainment gala’s) anti-piracy and content protection. 


Patrol & Surveillance

Whether patrolling or inspecting your assets when they are most vulnerable, we provide a sense of safety and contentment for your clients.

We can provide systems security including alarms, access controls, CCTVs, and surveillance equipment.

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