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Security Career Pathways

Job Tier
Job Type
Pay Range
Job Titles
Level I Officer
Gig Security Worker
$15.50 - $17.00 / hr
Level II Officer
Unarmed Professional
$17.00 - $19.50 / hr
Courtesy Patrol Officer, Rover, High-End Residential Protection
Level III Officer
Armed Professional
$20.00 - $26.00 / hr
Armed Officer, Field Supervisor, Scheduler, Operations Manager
Level IV Officer
Seasoned Professional
$26.00 - $36.00 / hr
Police Officer, Deputy Sheriff, Social Worker, Risk Manager, Human Resources Manager, Probation Officer, Secret Service, FBI Agent
Level V Officer
Career Professional
$65,000+ / yr
CEO, VP, Security Director, Human Resources Director

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Gig Security Worker


  • Has Guard Card

  • Provides basic security duties

  • Has minimal professional development

  • Frequently changes security companies: 2-5 employers each year

  • Call-offs often for “family emergencies” and transportation issues

  • Frequently out of uniform, late, may disappear from an assignment

  • Not service-oriented / not career-minded / predominantly self-interested



Unarmed Professional

  • Has Guard Card plus 32 hours of state training

  • Dedicated to the safety and well being of others

  • Writes detailed reports with photos and witness statements

  • Engaged in advanced professional development / uses technology

  • Rarely changes security companies: at least 1-3 years at one employer

  • Rarely calls off for “family emergencies” and never has transportation issues

  • De-escalates conflict, has expertise in detaining suspects, always professional



Armed Professional

  • Provides enhanced services and leads by example

  • Rarely changes security companies: 2-7 years at one employer

  • Responsible for the professional and skill development of others

  • Has Guard Card, Gun Permit, supervisory, and / or operations expertise

  • Has undergone years of advanced professional development / uses technology



Seasoned Professional

  • Has history of working in uniform, never calls off, is never late

  • Post Certification / CCW Permit / College Degree / Academy Graduate

  • Excellent physical condition, weapons trained, writes perfect reports

  • Works in agency profession: Law Enforcement, Corrections, Social Work



Career Professional

  • Plans, directs, oversees operations and services

  • 10-20 years experience with uniformed services

  • Manages budgets, manpower, client service models

  • Advanced Education / Former Military, Law Enforcement, or Secret Service

  • May have credentials like CCW, Masters Degree, Post Certification

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