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How Are We Different  Than

Your *Typical* Security Service Partner?

We save our clients millions of dollars and tons of headache.

Instead of using unregistered or unlicensed security services that put our clients at-risk of getting sued, we educate them on how the industry works and what’s necessary to consider before hiring personnel. The money spent on protecting assets and property must be ensured by a legitimate company that can offer holistic peace of mind across ethical, moral, legal, and business standards. We do not cut corners and bring over 40 years of professionalism to our work.

We hire from a different labor pool.

Unlike other companies that source employees from the general market, we take a more strategic approach to the hiring process and engage candidates with a unique set of values who are looking for an opportunity to parlay their security work into a law enforcement position (or related profession) down the road. They see us as a bridge to gain the skills and experience needed for this next chapter of their careers, thus taking the job more seriously.

We manage with compassion.

Our executive team makes it a point to hold space for employees who get rattled by challenging circumstances. We listen with genuine empathy and understanding—extending our resources to build trust and empowering them to re-enter the field with greater character and confidence. They know we have their back, and as a result, often show up stronger and more attentive in their daily post.

We have a clear pathway for career growth.

Our competent staff is led by a former Army officer and managed day-to-day by retired law enforcement and a seasoned security operations team. This depth of knowledge and expertise allows us to groom incoming recruits for a future in security, as we offer a three-tiered development program that promises greater pay on new assignments with more responsibility.

We pay well, on-time, and accurately.

Our W-2 security guards constantly share their appreciation for the predictability of weekly payments and communication of our HR staff who are all highly organized with payroll, scheduling, assignments, insurance, billing, benefits, state claims, COI, and reporting.

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